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Andre Maşooğlu, also known as Andrew Mesh, was born in Bludenz, Austria on August 31, 2001. Raised in Istanbul, Turkey, and Bludenz, Austria, he grew up listening to a wide variety of music. At the age of 7, Andrew learned how to play the recorder, his first musical instrument. In later years he continued with the clarinet, the ukulele and the piano while the recorder remained his beloved one. Greatly inspired by Avicii, Sido and Ed Sheeran, Andrew Mesh started his musical production journey by making House Music and Rap Beats which he uploaded to an online marketplace called BeatStars. The acquaintance with PhööniX led to the expansion of his musical horizon – focusing more on HipHop, Trap and overall emotional music. In April 2020, Andrew Mesh established an Indie-Record Label called “Bomonti Records”. With his team, he is producing high quality music for demanding fans.